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...and enjoy the TRISTAR or other DOUBLECABS
Dear Customer !

At TRISTAR-CONNECTION do we offer a wide range rare CrewCabs and parts. We import cars mostly from Scandinavia to our place here in Goettingen / Germany. We are located in the heart of Germany - about 80 miles down south of Hannover - just at motorway A7.

See the cars for sale section, what we have in stock.

We are happy to help and support you regarding overseas shipping or transport
Why shall I buy a TRISTAR ?
Well, once you sat in a car or even tested one on the road your choice will be clear: it should be a TRISTAR.
The TRISTAR is the luxury version of Volkswagens well known double cab and was only built in a few examples. We believe that there were no more than 500 TRISTAR SYNCRO ( the four wheel drive version ) and about 1000 TRISTAR with regular two wheel drive ever made. See the TRISTAR Infos to know what makes this car so special...
Are those cars rusty ?
Well, yes. Most of them happen to have more rust than you can except on a just 16 years old car. So - all in all you will have to deal with rust more or less when you go for a TRISTAR - it is not that the material is eaten thru - just surface and seam rust that needs to be taken care of. The more north the cars come from - the less rust they have...and to not forget that those cars were built to be used - not a weekender !